NA Paternity Testing can be performed at most DNA testing centers.

DNA Testing Guidelines DNA testing must be done at an AABB accredited laboratory.

We offer maternity testing and paternity testing for immigration DNA testing as well as other relationship tests. mandatory immigration dna testing is processed by AABB accredited laboratories. All Boston Paternity Immigration DNA Tests are processed by AABB Accredited Laboratories.

AABB Accreditation is required for official DNA Testing for US Immigration. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that dna testing ma for immigration purposes be performed by a laboratory accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Our reference Lab is an American Association of Blood Banks Accredited Laboratory (AABB) which is a USCIS request for Immigration dna testing massachusetts. Immigration DNA Testing includes paternity tests, maternity tests, and other family relationship DNA testing such as sibling tests and grandparent tests.

A DNA test for Consular Report of Birth Abroad requires that tested parties have their DNA samples collected at an AABB accredited immigration dna testing.

While we specialize in Paternity Testing and Immigration immigration dna test , we offer a variety of other DNA testing services. The only labs used by Boston Paternity are AABB Accredited Laboratories.

DNA Paternity Testing can be performed at most DNA testing centers. From Paternity Testing Services to Immigration DNA Testing to Forensic and Infidelity DNA Testing, we provide you with Accurate DNA Testing results. We offer a variety of DNA tests including DNA Paternity Tests , DNA Test for Immigration , DNA testing to determine Ancestry , DNA testing to determine Siblingship and Prenatal Baby Gender DNA testing!

Our AABB DNA testing laboratory will submit your original AABB immigration DNA test results directly to the US Embassy or Consulate, or USCIS agency requesting it; you will receive a copy via email or mail. DNA Diagnostics Center is an AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory that can coordinate all DNA sample collections regardless of location. The U. S. immigration authorities strictly require that the DNA test be performed by one of the laboratories accredited by the AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) located at

There are about 40 AABB accredited DNA laboratories in the United States. Keep in mind that the US Consulate or Embassy must receive the Immigration DNA Test report directly from the AABB lab. If you receive a letter from the USCIS, a US Embassy or Consulate, or other US Government agency, DNA testing must be conducted by an AABB Accredited Relationship Testing Laboratory.

DNA testing of New Jersey specializes in Paternity DNA Test, Immigration DNA, Prenatal Paternity and Ancestry DNA Testing. Immigration DNA is used when the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) request you to proof a biological relationship between the Petitioner and a Beneficiary for Immigration purposes. While Health Street is not itself an accredited laboratory, all of our Immigration DNA tests are set up and processed by accredited labs.

Our immigration DNA testing service can help provide the proof of relationship you need. Learn more about who may need immigration DNA testing and what the process is below.

Once you receive a letter from the requesting government agency, you choose an approved AABB Accredited Laboratory like GenQuest to process your Immigration DNA Test.

DNA tests for immigration allow a person to prove their relationship to a US citizen to support their immigration case. Our laboratories are fully accredited and certified by the AABB.